Only The Best

for your beloved pets.


Imaging & Lab

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We maintain an in house laboratory along with digital radiography for instant diagnostic capabilities. This can be an incredibly valuable tool, as we are able to pinpoint the source of a problem quickly, which can save valuable time, and can calm anxious minds. These modern tools also ensure greater accuracy in diagnostics, and are instrumental in making sure your pet has the best care there is.

Surgical Services

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Our vision is to provide our wonderful community with access to veterinary and surgical care that is truly commensurate with the highest standards in the world. Our surgical suite is modern, our tools are cutting edge, and our team is exceptionally trained. We are able to perform a range of surgical procedures - from routine, such as spay/neuter or biopsies, to more complex such as cruciate surgeries.


Many pet owners are unaware that, by the age of three, most dogs and cats have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease emerges when plaque hardens into tartar and spreads below the gumline, cultivating the growth of harmful bacteria. This bacteria erodes local supporting structures and can spread to your pet's internal organs via their bloodstream. Sadly, many pets live in (silent) pain because of this, and can even suffer from organ disease and shortened lifespans. But not to worry - periodontal disease is no match for our skilled team! During your pet's dental checkup, we will look for signs of the disease, can recommend home care, or schedule a cleaning if necessary.

Pharmacy & Pet Supplies

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We take pride in providing you with nearly anything you could need for your pet. This includes a modern and fully stocked pharmacy where your pet will have access to a range of modern pharmaceuticals. We also sell pet supplies for your convenience.


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Our veterinary team is highly trained and equipped to handle nearly any emergency situation for dogs or cats. Dr. Yard is highly regarded in the industry for her work in critical care. If you believe your pet may be experiencing an emergency situation, please call us right away. We can walk you through what to do, and will prepare a room for your arrival.